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Job Description:

The Special Agent in Charge (SAC) position is located within ICE Homeland Security Investigations (HSI). HSI is a critical asset in the ICE mission and is responsible for investigating a wide range of domestic and international activities arising from illegal movement of people and goods into, within and out of the United States.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Ensuring mission effectiveness through the strategic and effective management of a supporting budget. Monitor the personnel, budgetary, and logistical needs of HSI field assets.
  • Serving as a key member of ICE’s senior management, reporting to the Assistant Director for Domestics Operations. You will manage all investigative activities throughout an area or responsibility that focuses on the enforcement of HSI’s broad array of investigative authority. Your primary jurisdiction includes the protection of the United States and its citizens by deterring, interdicting, and investigating threats arising from the movement of people and goods into and out of the United States. This includes oversight of investigations related to national security, financial, and smuggling violations, including illegal arms exports, commercial fraud, noncitizen/human trafficking, narcotics smuggling, cyber crimes, child pornography/exploitation, and immigration fraud.
  • Establishing and maintaining effective working relationships with various high-level individuals, including Members of Congress and their staffs, other legislative and executive agencies, executives of major corporations, and members of the public.
  • Developing investigative procedures and techniques and provide policy guidance to subordinate supervisors. You will be primarily responsible for the direction and management of large-scale operations to efficiently achieve specified goals and objectives.
  • Establishing and maintaining close and cooperative working relationships with agency and department management officials, government agencies, and other institutions with related interests in order to advance the programs and objectives of the agency.
  • Establishing and implementing specific action plans to accomplish investigative goals and objectives.
  • Coordinating law enforcement activities with the highest level of Federal, state, local and tribal governments and with international law enforcement organizations. This coordination includes integrating ICE functions with other elements of law enforcement, intelligence collection and dissemination, and field operations.

Job Requirements:

  • Mobility: Organizational and geographical mobility is essential in developing and managing SES leaders and generally is a key to advancement. Mobility is a condition of employment, so you must be prepared to accept, without objection, reassignment based on the needs of the service, including for operational and/or career development purposes. Therefore, SES members, may be reassigned at the discretion of the appointing authority and may be required to sign a mobility agreement.
  • Financial Disclosure: If you are hired, you will have to complete a Public Financial Disclosure Report within 30 days after appointment.
  • Law Enforcement Retirement: This position will carry secondary law enforcement coverage as provided by 5.U.S.C § 8336 (c) and 5.U.S.C § 8412 (d) for eligible law enforcement employees, which does not carry mandatory retirement. However, some employees may be subject to mandatory separation depending on their individual status.
  • Prior Experience: Experience in a primary law enforcement position or equivalent experience outside the Federal Government is a prerequisite.
  • Probationary Period: You will serve a one-year probationary period unless you previously completed the probationary period in the SES.
  • Selective Service: If you are a male born after December 31, 1959 and selected for this position, you must certify that you have registered with the Selective Service System, or are exempt from having to do so under Selective Service law.
  • You must be a U.S. Citizen to apply for this position.
  • Immigration Reform and Control Act: The immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 seeks to preserve jobs for those who are legally entitled to them: American citizens and aliens who are authorized to work in the United States. This law requires employees to provide a document or documents that establish identity and employment eligibility.
  • Lautenberg Amendment: This position authorizes the incumbent to carry firearm. Any person who has been convicted of a misdemeanor crime or domestic violence cannot lawfully possess a firearm or ammunition [TITLE 18, U.S.C.,§ 922 (G)(9)].
  • Vaccination Requirement: As required by Executive Order 14043, federal employees are required to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Please see Additional Information for more information on this Executive Order.

Job Details:

Company: Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)

Vacancy Type: Full Time

Job Location: New York, NY, US

Application Deadline: N/A

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