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HUD Employment – Community Planning and Development Representative

Website U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

Job Description:

This position is located in the Department of Housing and Urban Development, Asst Secretary for Community Planning and Development. If you do not meet any of the categories listed above, you may wish to apply under announcement 22-HUD-277-P which is open for any U.S. citizen to apply. Please refer to that announcement for details on open period, eligibility, and how to apply.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Review and assess grantee performance through the analysis of grantee submissions, performance reports and other methods such as management and financial systems, providing written assessment of results. Identifies issues, potential areas of noncompliance or opportunities for improvement or increasing effectiveness. In consultation with grantee and recommended to supervisor, develops and executes a delivery plan that will adequately address grantee needs. Periodic results of delivery plan accomplishments will be assessed, adjustments will be made as necessary and final outcomes will be determined to identify effectiveness and grantee performance achievement.
  • Provide technical advice and guidance for the full range of CPD programs and new initiatives to applicants, grantees, community organizations, elected officials, citizens and others in the planning, execution and implementation of program and community development needs and initiatives.
  • The CPD Representative will conduct assessments that assist in the identification of grantees that pose the greatest risk to the Department. Based on such grantee assessments, the appropriate method to address issues will be identified which may include grantee monitoring for compliance and adherence with applicable law, rules and regulations. In the performance of grantee monitoring, the CPD Representative will be required to develop a monitoring strategy for the identification of areas for review, conduct monitoring in accordance with Departmental guidelines, formalize the results in written report and ensure that any corrective actions identified are addressed by the grantee to the Department’s satisfaction.
  • The CPD Representative will review and conduct analyses of applications or performance reports for assigned CPD grantees and recommend to supervisor for approval/disapproval. Identifies disparities or deficiencies and bring to the attention of the senior staff with a recommended alternative for resolving or correcting the issue. Participate in efforts to implement online application systems and/or tracking database to ensure deficiencies and discrepancies are corrected; and recommend plausible suggestions to existing procedures, processes or forms to streamline government processes and make more effective.
  • Collaborate with local communities by proactively participating in onsite meetings with grantees that includes a variety of local officials, stakeholders, general public and other interested parties; and continuously building and maintaining a collaborative relationship with grantees and client communities.

Job Requirements:

  • Must be U.S. Citizen or U.S. National.
  • Please refer to “Conditions of Employment.”

Qualification & Experience:

  • assisting with monitoring community development activities and assisting grantees with grant applications and ensuring applications meet program requirements.
  • monitoring community development activities on-site for compliance with program requirements and ensuring that program activities achieve the maximum utilization of funds.
  • serving as a liaison to state or local governments in providing advice and guidance on grant applications and approaches; AND

Job Details:

Company: U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

Vacancy Type: Full Time

Job Location: San Francisco, CA, US

Application Deadline: N/A

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