Ad Report

How To Report a Fake Job Ad?

Fake job ads are a big problem these days. You need to be vigilant and should ensure that you do not fall prey to their trap. So, if you come across such vacancy ad then do not provide your personal information unless you have done a thorough background check of the employer. The best way to avoid such forms of frauds is being very careful while providing your personal information to others. When applying for a job you need to be extremely alert and aware of the possible ways in which your personal information can be compromised.

Don’t you think a report of fake job ad may be a good idea to do? You will help the other people also to find a good job easily and also help the good employer to hire someone with credentials. So it would be a great thing to do if you see that any employer is posting fake ad in order to trap people. If you believe any job ads you see on this website is fake, you can report at the following given email. Later, give us 24 hours straight to take them down.

Subject: Please specify “Ad Report” in the subject line.